EV Charging Infrastructure Survey

leafs-chargingThe EV Charging Infrastructure Survey

Plug In America is conducting a study of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the US. As part of this study, we are conducting a survey of charging sites. The goal of this survey is to answer a simple question:

If an EV driver goes to a public charging site will there be charging available?

There are two aspects to this. The first is to get a description of as many sites as possible. For each site, we want to know:

  • Is it easy to find the site?
  • Are the charging stations accessible and available?
  • Are the stations in proper working order?

The second aspect is of a more stasticial nature: each time this site was visited by a member of our survey team, was it possible to charge?

For most sites, we only need to enter the site description information once. The simpler visit report can be done as many times as possible.

If you are interested in helping with this study, please visit the Plug In America Charging Infrastructure Survey page for more information and instructions for joining the survey team.

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