EV1 at The Henry Ford Museum

4999524269_b782a627f3_bThe Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI has added the EV1 to their “Automobile in American Life” exhibit. The museum contacted Plug In America back in September, looking for high-resolution photos of EV1s from our website. The museum already had an EV1 on display, but wanted to create an informational billboard to go alont with the vehicle. We put The Henry Ford in contact with Stefano Paris and Chris Paine, the original photographers, who were able to send the original files to the museum. Fast forward 5 months, and the exhibit is live!

The exhibit focuses on monumental American vehicles, including the General Motors EV1. The EV1 portion of the exhibit will serve to educate visitors on the story behind the EV1, and hopefully prevent history from repeating itself.

I addition to the EV1, the Henry Ford is home to eleven additional EVs, including a battery-powered truck and two solar cars. If you find yourself in Dearborn, be sure to visit the Henry Ford and check out the exhibit, which will be on display for the next nine months.


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