Discover 40 plug-in models with the EV Guide


Discover 40 plug-in models with the EV Guide

Considering an electric vehicle but not sure what options are available? Plug In America’s popular Electric Vehicle Guide lists 40 currently available all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with the retail price and mileage range, as of June 2019. The guide is available to download as a PDF.

To compare vehicles in greater detail, visit There, you can complete our EV Shopping Assistant, which makes personalized recommendations based on your budget, daily commute, access to charging, and many more considerations. Plus, you can find charging equipment, learn about incentives in your area, and connect with a PlugStar-certified dealer. And our EV Support Program is here to answer any questions you may have!

Electric Vehicle Guide (PDF)
Updated June 2019


Anyone is welcome to print this PDF and distribute this information to others. We often receive requests for printed copies of our EV Guide from other nonprofit organizations, community groups, or even EV drivers that would like to share them with others. While we try to fulfill as many of these requests as we can, they do come with costs for printing and shipping. We are seeking a donor that would be willing to invest in the distribution of these EV Guides for a year or more. If interested, please contact Noah Barnes at

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