Bill Nye…the EV Guy!

Photo Creds: Oskar Liners, Community Chevrolet

Bill Nye, a long-time electric car advocate, recently picked up his “Kinetic Blue” Chevy Bolt EV and agrees with us – the Chevy Bolt is a game changer.

In a recent interview with Green Car Reports’ John Voelcker, Nye lauded the Bolt as “head and shoulders above the rest” of the electric car field.

Nye, currently the CEO of the Planetary Society, strongly believes in the electrification of the automobile and sees the Bolt as a major milestone towards an all-electric future.  In his Green Car Reports interview, Nye emphasized the importance of test-driving an electric car to see the benefits of going electric.  These include smooth, quick acceleration, regenerative braking, quiet road noise, excellent handling, and now – with the introduction of the Bolt – long range (238 EPA-rated miles) at an affordable price ($37,495 before incentives).

Nye joins more than 1,700 Bolt EV drivers currently on the road in just the first two months of availability.  In January, the Bolt became the third highest selling plug-in vehicle for that month at 1,162 cars, behind the new Prius Prime (1,366 units) and its Chevy stablemate, the venerable Volt (1,611 units); however, both of these are plug-in hybrids, while the Bolt is all-electric.

For Bill Nye, there is no going back.  Electric cars are the future.

As of February, the Chevy Bolt EV is currently available only in California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia with a progressive fifty-state roll out to be completed by September of this year.

photo creds: Oskar Liners, Community Chevrolet

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