Whole Foods Nickels Add Up

Whole Foods meg Zimbeck The San Francisco Whole Foods Market on California Street has made a substantial donation to Plug In America of nearly $1000. We can’thank the forward-thinking company and its customers, who bring in their own shopping bags. Instead of getting 5¢ back through the Whole Foods Bag Refund program, customers can instead contribute the nickel to one of three charities of choice. Plug In America was so often chosen, the Whole Foods manager extended our exposure time. These nickels really added up!

Photo courtesy of Meg Zimbeck.

It’s that time of the year when people are thinking about giving.

Dsb nola.nickelimage I’ll be thinking about ways that my dollars can add up and make a difference to my favorite organizations. There are several ways that people can support Plug In America. One can check with one’s employee matching program to see if donations can be doubled. Also, Plug In America is on the list of approved charities at eBay, so a percent of one’s purchase or sale can be directed to us. There area also ways of giving via facebook which I’ve not yet figured out – Jack the Donkey’s campaign on facebook was one of the most fun. People were asked to get on the site and vote for their favorite group by giving a poop!

Photo courtesy of DSB Nola.

People can give their friends and family gift memberships to Plug In America. Simply make the payment and send us an email at info@pluginamerica.org and we’ll send an acknowledgment. People can also inquire whether one’s employer has a donation match program so one can double the impact.

Enjoy your holiday season!

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