What a Decorative Driveway!

There’s nothing quite like a seasonal boat parade party to rev up ye old holiday spirit, and this year’s lineup of extravagantly lit and decorated vessels gliding past our Huntington Harbor home was no exception. My husband Howard and I took advantage of the nautical spectacle and hosted not one, but two boat parade parties. The moving electric light show in the harbor brought the expected oohs and aahs from our guests as the resplendent vessels moved over the water and executed twinkling u-turns in front of our merry-making eyes. Ah, the holiday lights; oh, the revelry; wow, the sizzle; pow, the pageantry and yikes, the pungent smell of diesel exhaust!

From my somewhat jaded point of view, of course, the real magic — the fairy tale coming true — wasn’t the annual Disney-like, diesel-powered parade out on the water. The real news, the more meaningful panorama, was parked quietly and without fanfare squarely in our garage and overflowing into the driveway. In the garage were two RAV4 EVs taking hungry turns copping charges from the SPI Magna Charger. And in the driveway what to my wondering eyes should appear but four Tesla Roadsters and one Chevy Volt. (No turtle doves or lords a leaping, however.)

For party number 2, one gorgeous Tesla Roadster, two trusty RAV4 EVs and one X PRIZE winning MonoTracer E— the world’s most efficient high performance vehicle powered by AC Propulsion— took up parking spaces in our garage and driveway. That’s a pretty serious electric vehicle roster for any driveway and, unfortunately, one not often seen. So here’s my fondest Christmas wish: That someday soon cars with plugs will be a common sight on the road, in garages and in driveways. So common, in fact, that my charged-up driveway won’t generate as much as a second glance from anyone — even an electric vehicle maniac like me. And I’m thinking that’s a wish that Santa might actually be able to grant in the next few years. In the meantime, let me move one of those charged-up RAVs out of Santa’s way. Old Saint Nick is absolutely welcome to plug in and charge his sleigh at either Level 1 or Level 2 while gifting the local neighborhood.

Sure beats reindeer power.

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