West Coast Libraries Get EV Guide

Plug In America has mailed copies of its consumer resource guide, “Charged Up & Ready To Roll: The Definitive Guide To Plug-in Electric Vehicles” to every public library in California, Washington and Oregon. The states that will see the most new EVs and PHEVs in the coming year now have a guide at every library to help educate citizens who will see these new plug-ins for the first time and will want to know more.

We can’thank Plug In America’s generous supporters who donated to make this project possible, and to the volunteers who made it happen:
– UCLA student Hayley Moller, who gathered the library info after consultation with librarians;
– Board member Chad Schwitters, for wrangling the info onto mailing labels, and
– Board member Marc Geller for finishing the mailing.

Texas and Florida — we’re looking at you next. If and when we get additional funds to ship more guides, libraries in your states are first in line to receive them.

Thanks, everyone.

(who wrote the cover letter and stuffed the envelopes)

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