12.08.2009 - by Plug In America

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3 comments on “Welcome!”
  1. Paul Scott says:

    I agree that 2 wheelers make fantastic EVs. I’ve been driving my Vectrix for two years and can’t get enough of it. Zero Motors, Brammo and Mission Motors are all making fantastic electric bikes. In my case, the Vectrix takes the place of a car for at least half of my local trips – and it’s a blast to ride!

  2. Hear, hear, Andy. But please also include motorcycles in the category of electric 2-wheelers that are available now to consumers to meet their commuting needs.

    You folks have been pretty busy blogging here, haven’t you? Enjoyed reading them all, and I hope to see more.

  3. EV’s are not just 3 and 4 wheel vehicles. Lets also include the 2 wheelers. Electric scooters and bicycles are many consumers 1st choice and meet all their commuting needs. They are also available right now. No need to wait to go electric.
    check out this website to see samples.

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