Welcome Kirk Brown!

We are pleased to announce that we have retained Kirk Brown to serve as Plug In America’s Managing Director.


Kirk Brown

This is an important moment for the EV movement and Plug In America. While progress is being made in bringing vehicles to market and securing infrastructure for them, we must substantially expand our driver-to-driver marketing outreach, policy advocacy and technical assistance efforts to help speed the way to a thriving EV market. As the organization with the nation’s largest constituency of actual EV drivers, we must also substantially increase our capacity if we are to realize our potential in helping usher the EV market forward.

Kirk is a proven executive who has worked across emerging technology markets, has a deep understanding of how technology and policy interact, a keen sense for effective communications strategies, and has taken growing organizations to scale. Over the coming months Kirk will work with us to create and implement the roadmap for using Plug In America’s substantial expertise to create a more robust market that best serves EV customers.

Kirk can be reached at kirk@pluginamerica.org. Please join us in welcoming him to our team!

Posted by Chad

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