Volt? What Volt?

Perhaps taking their cue from the historic events taking place in Egypt, the members of the Chevrolet Volt Customer Advisory Board (CAB) are staging a mini-revolt of their own.

Row 873, Aisle 332, right next to the Ark

Chelsea Sexton shared this with us:

“Just a funny little diversion, but a few of you might enjoy it.
The Volt Advisory Board officially ends this week, and a few of us were joking at the meet-up last weekend about hiding our cars so they couldn’t be reclaimed. Ed Kjaer started it by covering his car with aluminum foil (as if to block the OnStar signal) and it’s grown legs, with a couple new images being posted each day. Even better, members of the public have started sending in pics of their own “sightings”. Completely silly, but also nice to think how far we’ve come that the thought of a few cars “going back” no longer requires more serious action.”

Is there a charging station out there?

If you’ve always wondered why GM EV1 leasees didn’t “lose” their cars en-masse, this gives us an idea of how things might have gone down in an alternate reality. Funny stuff.

For more pics, see Chelsea’s blog


PS: Where would you hide a Volt?

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