The last frontier goes electric
04.05.2018 - by Noah Barnes
The last frontier goes electric

Residents of Alaska, a state better known for its oil industry, are increasingly switching to electric vehicles.

The state benefits from an abundance of hydroelectric power, while gas prices are among the highest in the nation, making EVs a particularly attractive option for utilizing resources and saving money. Additionally, Alaska Electric Light & Power offers discounted rates for charging EVs during off-peak hours and the opportunity to rent charging equipment.

Many Alaskan cities are also encouraging the use of EVs by installing public charging stations. Juneau has a goal of installing the most charging stations per capita in the US. Even the small town of Cordova recently installed four free charging stations, while only having two EVs in town.

And while Alaska may be remote, with great distances between cities, many residents drive relatively short distances within their towns on a daily basis, reducing the need for a long range on the vehicle.

Buying an EV can be more difficult in Alaska, though. Residents often must obtain their car from the lower 48 states – namely Washington or Oregon – and ship the car up to Alaska. However, the savings over the lifetime of owning the vehicle far outweigh the cost to ship the vehicle up to Alaska.

Photo courtesy Kirk Martakis

4 comments on “The last frontier goes electric”
  1. Very old Dave says:

    You guys are going to love the E-trucks coming out late next year. Rivian RT & RS, Atlas, & Bolinger. Long range, tons of power, air suspension, & auto pilot. Start saving your pennies cause their not going to be giving them away.

  2. Jeff Jones says:

    Go Andy! If you can do it in Alaska, you can do it anywhere.

  3. Kirk Martakis says:

    Being my EV is in the photo, and I am proud of that. Knowing I do and can make electricity at my home and business from solar and wind, I took the ‘profits’ from our summer business at Denali and took a BIG PLUNGE! October 17, Alaska’s chevy dealers didn’t even know what the Chevy Bolt was, never mind sell it. So, through the internet, I bought my FIRST new vehicle ever, sight unseen, from Burien Chevy in Seattle. They delivered it to the barge and I picked it up in Anchorage Alaska, still having to drive it to Denali 230 miles with no real charging stations. It was a big leap of faith for me, but now, I drive completely on sunshine! I will be picking up our fishing guests all summer on SUNSHINE! No gas, no diesel, and i will continue to drive year round on sunshine, no gas anymore. Now Alaska Chevy dealers sell the Bolt so no need to take such a leap. Chevy also will service them at our local dealers. JOIN THE REVOLUTION YOURSELF, and give up the gas pump.

  4. Andy Romanoff says:

    Buying an EV in Alaska is far from difficult. Many of my friends and I bought our Nissan Leafs from dealers in the Seattle area via the phone and internet. The dealer drives the car to the barge and it arrive a few days later. Sign the papers and drive away, passing the gas pumps as we go. I’ve saved $3500 over the past two years by not pumping CO2 out of an exhaust pipe.

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