Tesla Model 3 Slated for Second Half of 2017 as Model S and Model X Sales Reach Record Highs
02.23.2017 - by Plug In America
Tesla Model 3 Slated for Second Half of 2017 as Model S and Model X Sales Reach Record Highs

Tesla is gearing up for full rate production and delivery of the 2017 Model 3 in the second half of this year.  The Model 3 is currently in low-rate initial production for testing/prototype purposes while the manufacturing tooling is being installed at both the Fremont Factory and Gigafactory 1.  Concurrently, Tesla plans to expand its repair network in anticipation of the service requirements of a vastly larger Tesla fleet.

Meanwhile, fourth Quarter Tesla Model S and Model X sales saw a 49% increase from Q4 2015 as Consumer Reports bestowed Tesla with the best owner satisfaction of any car manufacturer, “with 91% of customers saying they would purchase from Tesla again.”

Tesla also reports that their Autopilot technology has reduced the accident rate of Teslas by 40% according to the NHTSA.

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3 comments on “Tesla Model 3 Slated for Second Half of 2017 as Model S and Model X Sales Reach Record Highs”
  1. Don Francis says:

    It is no coincidence that plug-in electric vehicles are becoming the highest taxed per mile as states adopt punitive annual fees for registering plug-in electric vehicles. Georgia currently has the highest annual fee in the nation at $204.20 regardless of the number of miles driven per year. For an owner driving the average 10,300 miles per year in Georgia that comes out to 2.2 cents per mile. A full sized gasoline car getting the US DOT published 23.3 miles per gallon is paying 1.1 cents per mile. Yet, the members of the Georgia Legislature thinks this allows Georgia PEV owners to pay their “fair share”.

  2. Ray Cardona says:

    Free is relative. My 75 year old neighbor drives hardly 3,000 miles a year. Would she have to pay for not buying enough gasoline? Another neighbor has two Prius. Would they have to pay? My solar installer drives a lot but get to deduct gas as a business expense and gets depreciation on vehicles. For decades federal and state sales tax on gas has been the same. Now with hybrids getting 45 mpg would they have to pay? The argument is dubious and political. To address road construction and repair the US has the worst government set up, a central power and 50 states all with greedy politicians. One state may used federal/state taxes wisely, the next one not. But gas tax based road revenue does not work. However, having non commercial citizens pay for the bulk is not the solution. What is? Difficult to say but if each car was taxed each year at registration, no commercial tax break, would that work? Food for thought. But as presented, the EV tax is a political attack by Republicans against Tesla and other car makers sponsored by oil interests such as the Koch brothers, billionaires with oil investments.

  3. Phil Savage says:

    The new Tesla looks great. However, we’ve gone ahead and purchased a Chevy Bolt which we love. We also have a plugin electric (Chevy Bolt). However, I do agree that we who are getting “free” use of t he highways should be charge somehow as well.

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