Plug In America urges Congress to take action on EVs
06.03.2020 - by Plug In America
Plug In America urges Congress to take action on EVs

Plug In America recently sent a letter to members of Congress with specific requests to promote electric vehicles. During these difficult times, strengthening our commitment to electric transportation will improve public health through clean air and stimulate our economy by creating American jobs.

The requests include extending the federal EV tax credit, establishing a credit for used EVs, improving charging infrastructure, and leading efforts on EV battery recycling. View a summary of our requests below and read the full letter here.

  1. Promote clean air and encourage adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) among consumers:
    1. Pass HR 2256/S 1094, the Driving America Forward Act, which brings PEVs to price parity with gas vehicles and gives Americans the choice of which PEV to drive.
    2. Pass HR 5161, the Affordable PEVs for Working Families Act of 2019, which creates a new credit for buyers of used PEVs, providing more options to consumers who are low-income.
    3. Pass a “Cash for Clunkers” style program, similar to the Clean Cars for America Act, to encourage drivers to retire their dirty polluting gas cars and instead reward them with an incentive to purchase a clean PEV.
    4. Ensure that no punitive fees are placed on PEV drivers.
  2. Create shovel-ready jobs by accelerating PEV infrastructure policies:
    1. Extend the Section 30C Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit out to 2025 and create thousands of jobs.
    2. Pass HR 2616 /S674, the Clean Corridors Act of 2019, which creates a grant program through the Department of Transportation to award grants to certain government entities and planning organizations to install PEV infrastructure along designated fuel corridors, leading to job opportunities for road workers, electricians, utilities and also meeting the needs of PEV drivers with adequate highway charging.
  3. Lead by example in the transition to transportation electrification:
    1. Pass HR 5545, the New Opportunities to Expand Healthy Air Using Sustainable Transportation Act of 2020, which would establish minimum targets for the acquisition of new vehicles to federal fleets to be PEVS.
    2. Install charging infrastructure in the parking lots for House and Senate Members and staff as a part of an updated “Green the Capitol” Initiative and align the Capitol’s complex with the District of Columbia’s transportation electrification goals.
  4. Promote clean air through converting dirty buses to clean electric buses:
    1. Pass S 3373, the Low or No Emission Bus Access Act of 2020, which would extend funding at $165M annually for FY2021-2025 for this competitive grant program for the purchase of electric transit buses and supporting infrastructure.
  5. Prepare for an electric transportation future and create new jobs in battery recycling:
    1. Pass S 3356, the Battery and Critical Mineral Recycling Act of 2020, to lead the global effort on recycling batteries from PEVs and bring jobs back to the U.S. in this sector.
  6. Encourage American manufacturing and competitiveness with the global PEV industry:
    1. Pass HR 5860, the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program Reform Act (ATVM), which would modify the loan program to cover all types of zero-emission vehicles manufacturing and reform the loan application process to boost PEV manufacturing in the U.S.
6 comments on “Plug In America urges Congress to take action on EVs”
  1. Velietrash says:

    I understand any Hybrid still needs the I>C>E component checked for engine emissions efficiency. I don’t get the ‘bump’ at the DMV. Plug-in’s letter to congress seems well crafted. I’d like to see ‘more ‘hybrid ‘ gas stations( like Parker’s in Georgia. They built Convenience Stores with fuel and Kilowatt access- with more than just ONE charging station. Additionally, as a wimpy 2013 Leaf owner, I’d like to see some Charging Stations on the Interstates at each rest area Facility. They show up on average about every 35 miles here in Florida- and just oncei’d like to see the grandkids in Pooler without having to pull over, fire up the 2.8 Honda, and fall asleep reading a good book while the Nissan 110 volt car’s teaser plug buys me a few extra miles.

  2. LEE Fred HILLER JR says:

    I am charged $50 extra at the DMV for having an electric car. Plus I should not have to go through a pollution test for having a Chevy Volt!

  3. John Cassidy says:

    I agree with all of these Bills

  4. Frank Komola says:

    I thank you for providing EV drivers like myself with the legislation that needs to be passed which will boost the availability of everything EV. I have written to my member of Congress about Moving America Forward Act, and now that you have added other legislation that needs support, I will write again about these pieces of legislation

  5. OceanDragon says:

    I was very surprised to see the banner on top of this web page stating views of equality and the George Floyd case. I find it very surprising to find very few photos of black Americans in your own articles. I was wondering if you should start a fund to start buying black Americans EV’s?

  6. Stephen Russell says:

    Apply to used EV models as well if any.

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