Mind if I Take Your Car’s Photo, Ma’am?

Southcoast PlazaSo what’s it like to consistently be upstaged by the car you drive — a radiant red beauty that often captures photographers’ lens, draws small crowds in supermarket parking lots and appraising looks on freeways? This particular car honestly seems to have as much personality as Christine in the movie by the same name. “She” is always ready for her close-up and — unlike me — doesn’t seem to have a bad side. I challenge any aspiring professional photographer to stumble upon a bad angle when focusing in on a Tesla roadster.

Aside from my irrational jealousy of a damn CAR, there are perks aplenty. Like pulling up to some swanky restaurant and having the valet conveniently insist on parking the car right smack dab in front of the main entrance because the car adds to the general ambiance of the place. Along with the fact that I never seem to tire of beating legions of machismo men with hot Porsches, Corvettes, Ferraris — name it — off the line. And, okay. I admit this too: The car is undoubtedly the best accessory a blue-jeaned old broad like me ever had the pleasure of owning or wearing. It really is not an exaggeration to say that the roadster is small enough and cozy enough to “wear”. Recently the warming weather has inspired Tesla convertible mode and makes me wonder if I might actually be driving a speedy but costly skateboard — a skateboard requiring considerable insurance.

Putting aside my own personal vanity issues, no matter how often the public and the press focus in on the Tesla and ignore the driver — moi — I am delightedly ecstatic — thrilled even — by the attention the car garners for electric vehicles in general. It tickles me to the core to watch the general lust that this electric car inspires in people. The image of what an electric car is — what it can be — will never, ever be the same because of the determination of a certain startup company and the subsequent production of nearly 2,000 red hot, electric sports cars.

Hey, but now I’m ready for my closeup. Wait — where IS everybody?

Posted by Linda Nicholes

Photo by Stefano Paris

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