Major Win For Plug-In Incentives!

After many months of consistent work with Congress, Plug In America is extremely gratified that two major plug-in tax credits which expired at the end of 2011 were extended as part of the final “fiscal cliff” legislation just signed by President Obama. The bill passed last night (January 1st) extended the EV infrastructure tax credit and 2-3 wheeled credit until the end of 2013. In the case of the infrastructure tax credit, it remains at 30%; for the 2-3 credit it is still 10% but applies to 2-3 wheeled vehicles which have greater than 4 kwh and can go more than 45 mph. These apply for all vehicles or EVSEs purchased in 2012 as well.

As 2013 starts, we want to thank you for all of your support – your voices were heard by Congress and made a difference in getting the incentives extended.

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