Let’s Recognize Our Achievements!

Inside EVs notes that – fueled by continued strong Volt performance, a resurgent LEAF, and the continued ramp up of Tesla production, March 2013 was likely an all-time high month for plug in sales performance.

Thank you Inside EVs for pointing out the achievement – the plug in tipping point is coming! Dealers in certain markets are reporting that their plug ins outsold ALL OTHER MODELS last month, and in California during 4th quarter of last year 1 in 40 vehicles sold came with a plug (data nod thanks to our friends at CCSE), which means California has already passed the important 1% of new vehicle sales marker. As more models come online throughout the year, we’re making steady progress towards hitting our 100,000 New Years Resolutions. Happy April!

We all like records and we could be doing a better job of recognizing our pathbreaking achievements. Here’s a quick list of records we’re creating each month.

  • Record electric miles traveled per month – the electric miles total across all vehicles in the plug in category
  • Total electric miles traveled since reintroduction of highway capable EVs – we hit 200 million miles across the category last October, where are we now?
  • Number of charging stations and charging sessions – an important point to highlight, partly to ensure that we continue adding charging, particularly in our increasing number of hot spot areas
  • Record corporate commitments – in terms of charging installations and fleet sales
  • 100,000th plug in sold since reintroduction – the 100,000th plug in “customer” is coming soon. Shouldn’t every plug in manufacturer pick a customer to congratulate during that period?
  • 100,000th plug in sold – when we hit our 100,000th vehicle sale this year, every manufacturer should pick a customer to congratulate during that window, too!

Are there other records you would add? Are there good ways to be keeping better track of how we’re doing, and sharing the results?

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