Joel Levin on President-elect Joe Biden’s energy plan
12.08.2020 - by Joel Levin
Joel Levin on President-elect Joe Biden’s energy plan

In this short video, Executive Director Joel Levin reacts to President-elect Biden’s energy plan and Plug In America’s plans to ensure that transportation electrification is a priority.

6 comments on “Joel Levin on President-elect Joe Biden’s energy plan”
  1. kent Cotterell says:

    Biden is punishing America with his unnecessary energy plan. Force manufacturers to produce vehicles that consumers don’t want for no reason other than to say that you did something. Force people to pay more for less.

  2. Marlene Clausen says:

    In TN the yearly “tax” to drive an EV “because you don’t pay road use tax” is $100. They arbitrarily picked numbers out of thin air to calculate how many miles we drove and what it those miles would have cost if we bought fuel. No consideration was even considered regarding equivalent MPG. This $100 is paid up front when we renew our tags. Everyone else pays for exactly what they use as they go. If I did that, I would pay approx. $11/year in road tax. Doubly outrageous is that my Leaf was built right here in TN!!

  3. jim epperson says:

    i am now paying $400 a year to drive in southern california

  4. Bob Phelps says:

    West Virginia has done the same thing on plate renewals, not just EV’s but hybrids as well now pay more

  5. Janet Jaramilla says:

    I’ve been driving a Nissan Leaf since 2012. Recently the state of Illinois increased my license plate tax fro $48 every two years to $256 annually. Their rationale is that we electric drivers do not pay taxes on gasoline to support highway maintenance. I have written to several organizations and individuals with no response. Please answer this comment box and help.

    1. Noah Barnes says:

      Hi Janet, We agree that’s outrageous. We have been fighting these in several states. In fact, we have a webinar next week on EV fees ( and are inviting Illinois stakeholders. Please join us if you can!

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