07.29.2011 - by Colby Trudeau
How Many Plug-in Vehicles are Available in the US?

You requested it, you got it! Plug In America has updated our Plug-In Vehicle Tracker to allow filtering of vehicles by availability. When visiting the updated Vehicle Tracker, you will notice a new filter option, entitled “Availability”. The new filter will let you view only vehicles that are either currently available, not available, or currently available in the US.

The new filter reveals that there are 34 electric vehicles available for sale or lease in the US today. Considering that the list does not include low speed vehicles, that’s pretty amazing figure. The EV market surely has come a long way since the plug in vehicle tracker began, just over 2 years ago. Back then, the tracker listed only 66 upcoming vehicles. It now lists over 150 upcoming vehicles!

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It is our goal to keep the vehicle tracker as accurate as possible. If you notice a vehicle missing or incorrect data, please fill out our vehicle submission form.

3 comments on “How Many Plug-in Vehicles are Available in the US?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually I am a huge advocate of Plug in America and electric cars, but it is very sad to see the slow pace of their introduction. We need even more emphasis by businesses and condos and multiple dwelling units to implement car charges as well. Just putting up available cars does not do it.

    1. Diego Pappalardo says:

      Availability in Argentina?

    2. My company EverCharge is currently looking for pilot sites at these types of locations. If you are experiencing a problem gaining approval for charging at these types of locations or live at one of these locations and want to buy an electric car please don’t hesitate to contact us. http://www.evercharge.net

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