Helping Plug-in Dealers Achieve Success

The automakers are making some incredible plug-in cars, and owners are more satisfied with them than any other type of car.


Between the automakers and the owners are the dealers. It’s more difficult for the dealers; to sell this new type of car, they have to invest in new equipment and training, they have to spend a lot more time educating potential customers…and all of this will likely result in less profit in the long run, as plug-ins typically need less maintenance.

As you can imagine, not all dealers are excited about this transition. Even those that are excited still need time – they need to get their equipment installed and employees trained, and to be credible with customers some of their employees have to regularly drive the cars as well. They also learn through experience that selling a plug-in is different – not only is category awareness more important than brand differentiation, but “typical” buyer preparedness and interests are different and evolving.

To help dealers with this transition, we have invited a couple of successful plug-in dealers to share their secrets of success. Heath Carney sells the Chevrolet Volt, and Paul Scott sells the Nissan Leaf. Join us at 3pm PST on Wednesday March 13. They will share their experiences, and give some specific tips on what dealers and customers can do to improve the process for everybody, and answer your questions.

Please join us HERE.

Photo courtesy General Motors

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