Are plug-in vehicles reliable?

Though they are still relatively new to the market and buyers have suspicions, electric cars are actually proving to be more reliable than gas-powered vehicles. There is one clear reason why: the drivetrain of a typical gas-powered car has about 200 moving parts, while an electric car has about 20 moving parts. Fewer moving parts means fewer opportunities for things to break down and need repair. An EV has an electric motor instead of an engine; it doesn’t have a transmission system or an exhaust system; it doesn’t require oil or any mechanical fluids.

Electric cars thus require much less maintenance and rarely require service. Tires will still have to be rotated, brake pads replaced, and windshield washer fluid refilled. But other than that, EVs require very little service. The majority of problems that EV drivers face are with technological systems like keyless entry and touchscreens—all issues that new model gas-powered cars deal with as well.

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