#EVmyValentine: Your Creative Odes to Electric Vehicles


#EVmyValentine: Your Creative Odes to Electric Vehicles

To have a little February fun, we asked you to channel your creativity and create valentines for your cars, and the responses from across the country warmed our hearts and made us chuckle.

Some of you mentioned how fun the driving experience is–with EVs being both fast and quiet–while others called out the inexpensive cost to power and maintain the cars.

Many of you also mentioned how EVs are greener because they don’t pollute with tailpipe emissions. (Side note: There are lots of studies, from the EPA and Dept. of Energy to Yale and MIT, that EVs are better for the environment from cradle to grave.)

Eliminating vehicle emissions results in improved air quality, which means better health outcomes and a slowing of climate change. We’re pushing for strong clean car standards because they put us on a path to a zero-emission future–one that’s better for all of us.

Here are some of our staff’s favorite valentines, including one from Percy, our team’s new favorite pup.

A poem from Eric who lives in New Jersey:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love my EV,
And so would you.

The fuel is cheap,
The maintenance low,
No emissions,
It’s fast, not slow.

Get one yourself,
Ignore the hater,
Don’t wait anymore,
You’ll thank me later!

“There are no emissions, it’s a better driving experience, and there’s less maintenance…a no-brainer,” Eric also wrote.

Jose from Washington penned a poem about his previous BMW i3.

EV poem and car charging

V from Idaho loves her EV so much that she added bling to make her Nissan Leaf more glamorous!

bedazzled Nissan Leaf

Here’s Percy, who stole our hearts this Valentine’s Day.

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