Everyone knows you can’t make a profit selling electric cars

Ten years ago, skeptics said that electric cars were just fancy golf carts that couldn’t go on the freeway, weren’t any fun to drive and didn’t have any sense of style. That was before the Model S came out.

Then they said, sure, you can hand build a few EVs, but it’s a niche market. There isn’t that much demand for electric cars. That was before the Model 3 went on sale and took nearly a half million orders in the first week.

Next, the skeptics said that there is no way to mass produce an EV with consistent high quality. And then the Model 3 became the 5th best-selling car in the country last month.

Most recently, skeptics have been saying, “Well okay, anyone can mass produce a high quality EV and so what if there is almost unlimited demand for your product. There is no way you can do all of that and actually make a profit.”

Well recently, Tesla announced a $300 million profit for the third quarter and put that one to bed as well. Congratulations Tesla. And c’mon big automakers, you’ve got work to do!

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