EV legislation updates from the Northeast


EV legislation updates from the Northeast

Plug in America is excited to have a new full-time staff member in Boston, Peter O’Connor, who is working on the ground to advance plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) legislation in the Northeast. Here are a few highlights.

New Jersey
The Garden State has multiple PEV bills moving through the legislature. The three that Plug In America are tracking include
S1975/A3688, which would establish state goals for the adoption of PEVs and charging stations, directing state agencies to develop programs to achieve the goals. Should the bill pass, NJ would become the nationwide leader in aggressive PEV goals, as the bill calls for at least 90% of all new vehicles sold in the state to be PEVs by 2040! Other bills include S2252/A3687, which calls for more public charging stations, and S2382, which would create a rebate for the purchase of a PEV, in an amount not to exceed $5,000 per vehicle.

On April 3, Governor Phil Murphy announced that the state would sign the Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Memorandum of Understanding, positioning NJ for rapid growth in PEVs in the years to come.

HB 1446 is still being considered in the state, which would require utilities to submit plans for EV charging infrastructure in the state, and expand efforts on transportation electrification. Should the bill pass the Legislature, the state’s adoption of PEVs would greatly increase.

New York and Maryland
These states are also opening regulatory proceedings to determine the next steps with transportation electrification. These proceedings will determine the extent to which utilities can be involved with owning and operating charging stations.

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