EV Drivers Are Watching the U.S. Senate
11.08.2017 - by Joel Levin
EV Drivers Are Watching the U.S. Senate

In the past week, Plug In America has led the charge of EV drivers protesting against the U.S. House of Representatives’ destructive proposal to immediately terminate the federal EV tax credit as a part of their larger tax plan. Thousands of people have contacted their representatives to tell them that this is a stunningly bad idea. We’ll find out over the next few days whether our message has gotten through—and we are hopeful. But now we have to worry about the Senate.

The United States EV market is finally starting to get some legs. Sales of electric cars were up 37% in 2016 and we’re expecting a similar jump for 2017. We’re still only a hair above 1% of U.S. new car sales, but if that kind of growth keeps going, it will soon add up to some serious volume. Batteries are getting cheaper by the month, as sales increase, just like any other rapidly scaling manufactured product. With falling battery costs, Bloomberg estimates that EVs will hit price parity with gas cars as soon as 2025, and then quickly become even cheaper.

But for now, EVs cost more to produce than gas cars, which is why the federal tax credit is so critical. It supports the whole market and helps us get the volumes needed to keep battery prices falling. With the tax credits, EV prices are comparable to similar model gas cars.

Many foreign countries already understand that the future is electric. France, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, India and China have already committed to phasing out gas cars completely. Germany and China in particular have committed many billions of dollars to building the next generation of electric cars. If we do not show the same commitment, the United States will not be building cars in 20 years—we’ll be importing them.

Thus, now is the critical moment to focus our attention on the U.S. Senate. We must make sure that they hear about our strong support for the federal EV tax credit and do not try to terminate it. Please send a note to your Senators reminding them that we are watching and that the EV tax credit needs their support. And while you are at it, Plug In America needs your support too. We are the only national organization exclusively focused on advocating the interests of EV drivers. Please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation of $10-100. Any amount helps. It is immensely helpful to our advocacy work to have the regular monthly income that we can plan on.

If we do not show the same commitment, the United States will not be building cars in 20 years—we’ll be importing them.


13 comments on “EV Drivers Are Watching the U.S. Senate”
  1. Daniel says:

    U tell us this and then don’t tell us who are how ir where to contact to speak up

  2. Stephen Russell says:

    Expand tax credit to 10K, 20K? See CAGW.org for credit funds.For New & Used EVs.
    Lobby against CA Gas Tax too & boost EV production, Tesla needs another plant in MI for Eastern market alone,

  3. Peter Brennan says:

    The Electric Vehicle tax credit is important.

  4. Dave Cutter says:

    Don’t mess with the petro-dollar!! America’s biggest export are dollar bills — hey, everyone in the world needs them to buy oil! For countries to get the dollar, they have to sell us something: cars, clothes, washing machines — products the US used to make — real stuff for digital dollars — you can’t find a better racket than that, and not available to any other country worth killing for. If we had to work for the products we used to make we wouldn’t be able to afford any of them. — Instead, the Fed keeps printing dollars and gouging us with interest to keep the racket going! — Economic controls will keep EVs small, imo. Why jeopardize a Petrol Dollar Scam that’s working?!!

    1. Serge Messina says:

      In technology if you don’t lead you lose. Keeping the status quo just relinquishes our lead in the world. I wonder when combustible engines were becoming popular, if this was the prevailing thought with horses. Not to mention the maintenance costs,safety, and pure driving fun of an electric vehicle should change the masses mindset in the ensuing years. Remember when we lost our dominance with VHS technology back in the 70s? Japan took our lead and our dollars away from us. Whatever happened to winning so much we were going to become sick of it?

  5. Kathy Jongsma says:

    clean air, no pollution, no noise–why would you take these away from us? We are saving the environment. Shouldn’t you be also?

  6. Lyn Diaz says:

    This credit is important

  7. Raejean Fellows says:

    Love your article, Mary Kay. We have shared on the EVA of San Diego Facebook page. Yes, it’s time for action. Only takes a couple of minutes to email/call 2 senators in California! Even though they are likely in favor of EVs–we need to extend the credit, and what about expand it to used cars? Keeping EVs top of mind for legislators is vital, with so many other critical issues facing our nation.

  8. D Gatewood says:

    If you insist on eliminating the EV tax credit I insist you stop subsidising the oil and coal industry as well so there is a fair playing field for the sustainable energy producers and the products
    ( electric cars) that use this green energy.
    You surely must realise electric utilities will also suffer if electric car sales are stifled by eliminating incentives to adopt this new technology. Quick adoption of EVs will lead to a smart grid plus more sustainable and green energy sources and the option for many to experience future self driving vehicles.
    This is the 21st not the 20th century and if America is to be “Great Again” it will have to adopt electric vehicles just as the rest of the world is doing not looking back over a century ago to the dirty ways of its industrial revolution past.

  9. suzanne narducy says:

    the US should be leading the way on this, not be relegated to further destroy the environment.
    what is the matter with you people!

  10. Donna Newman says:

    The entire rest of the world is embracing Green Energy and committed to reducing fossil fuel use. We are stuck using an antiquated technology unless we also move to abandon oil and gas as fuel for vehicles. Support EVs and bring us into the 21st century to join our fellow Earth citizens, and we have a chance to mitigate the worst effects of runaway global warming. If you do not support EVs, you are an enemy of the entire world and a traitor to America. We will all be forced to support a destructive technology that is not in the best interest of our economy and at the expense of our own good health.

  11. Phil Wagner says:

    The credit need to remain intact

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