An EV Driver’s Favorite App

EVChargerFinder I’m a relatively new iPhone user, but I think I’ve already found my favorite app of all time — the EV Charger Finder app. Jeff Lander, who drives an electric BMW Mini, created this free app utilizing the best database of EV charging locations that exists — Tom Dowling’s evchargernews.com. Electric vehicle drivers have been contributing reports to Tom’s website for years, and he maintained it as a labor of love.

I’m just giddy over the elegance and ease of the iPhone application. It shows lists of charging stations by city, or by different kinds of charging stations, and tells you how far a station is from your location and which stations are working or have problems at the moment. Some quick-eyed EV drivers already noticed it’s missing a few of the Tesla charging stations on California’s Highway 101, but these and many, many more are sure to be added as the charging infrastructure gets built up in a big way in the coming year.

TheEV Charger Finder app is free, and free of advertising, too! Hooray for Tom and Jeff and the fabulous EV driving community for supporting each other’s desire to drive on clean, affordable domestic electricity.

— Sherry Boschert (@sherryboschert on Twitter)

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