02.11.2022 - by Noah Barnes
EV ads in the 2022 Super Bowl

Once again, electric vehicles took the spotlight during the Super Bowl, with several ads touting both vehicles and charging equipment. Take a look at these ads below and let us know what you think in the comments!


General Motors




While this ad doesn’t focus on EVs, the upcoming Ariya does make a couple of appearances.




6 comments on “EV ads in the 2022 Super Bowl”
  1. Ron Nelson says:

    I just bought a 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5, SEL trim, Shooting Star Grey and Matte finish.
    303 miles per charge, 74 kWh usable battery, RWD.
    19″ wheels with monster Michelins.
    I thought they had a Super Bowl commercial?
    It is by and far the best car and best EV I have ever owned! (I had a 2015 VW E_Golf and 2016 Chevy Volt)
    I thought the Nissan ad was silly, but the others were great!
    I have a refundable deposit on the VW ID4, F150 Lightning EV and the Audi Q4 40 Etron RWD premium. So many incredible cars and trucks coming!

  2. Allan Begg says:

    The EVs are coming they will have more torque than conventional cars, new battery technology means they will have a range of 800-1,100 kms

  3. Allan Begg says:

    In the next 5-10 years electric car sales will easily exceed that of new petrol and diesel cars car sales.
    With 3 new battery technologies yet to be commercialised, future electric cars will have a range of 800 to 1,100 kms which will be
    “ a game changer “ ⚡️⚡️⚡️🤩!
    Also because of electric car production ramp up so average per unite cost of electric cars will be inline conventional cars, in time maybe less.
    Now electric cars are far less complicated motors will last perhaps a 1 million kms, no carburettor spark pugs and a engine with far fewer electric parts maintenance costs will be minimal.
    No oil, no petrol O I hear you say what about the batteries ?
    Well the new batteries to come will be far cheaper as carbon will be one of the main components, Lithium will not.

  4. Anup Parikh says:

    Complete bias but this EV charging commercial was a favorite amongst my network

  5. Donald Winn says:

    I was happily amazed there were SEVEN ads about/around EVs during the Super Bowl!!

  6. Saul Valdez says:

    Glad to see the “Home Infrastructure” highlighted in a commercial. Loved the BMW commercial.

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