Electric vehicles on display at auto shows


Electric vehicles on display at auto shows

Over the next several months, auto shows will be taking place across the country. This can be a great opportunity to see some of the electric vehicles available in your state. As the EV industry is gaining momentum, more auto shows are inclusive in showcasing EVs.

The Plug In America team recently participated in the Orange County Auto Show earlier this month. We connected with many EV shoppers looking to purchase their first EV and answered questions about specific EV models, incentives, and charging. Plus, we met many current EV drivers showing support and sharing their testimonials with EV shoppers.

Here are some auto shows that will have EVs on display.

Seattle International Auto Show
November 14–17, 2019
The Electric Highway will include some of the newest EV models.

Connecticut International Show
November 15–17, 2019
Display vehicles include a 1902 Studebaker Electric, the first mass-produced battery electric car in the United States.

Los Angeles Auto Show
November 22–December 1, 2019
Plug In America will be on hand at the Los Angeles Auto Show’s EV | LA Program.

San Diego Auto Show
January 1–5, 2020
The Eco Center will feature eco-friendly vehicles, with Electric Vehicle Day taking place Friday, January 3.

Hawaii International Auto Show
March 27–29, 2020
Test drive an EV at the Drive Electric Hawaii EV Ride-and-Drive.

To find auto shows in your area, visit PlugStar.com/events. If you have any EV questions, feel free to contact our EV Support Program

Photo: Plug In America answers EV shoppers’ questions at the Orange County Auto Show.

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