Drive Electric Earth Month kicks off today, features 172 events

Throughout April, consumers can find an event near them to test drive electric vehicles and learn more about the EV experience from owners. Events will occur across 39 states, including Hawaii, with additional events in Canada.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Drive Electric Earth Month (DEEM), an annual campaign to increase education and awareness about electric vehicles (EVs), kicks off Monday, April 1, 2024. This year’s initiative features 172 events spanning 39 states and Canada. Events feature EV test drives, showcases, informative workshops, and other fun activities highlighting EVs’ cost-saving benefits, convenience, and performance.

“EV adoption continues to grow, especially as manufacturers introduce new models and the used market becomes more robust,” said Joel Levin, executive director of Plug In America, a national nonprofit whose mission is accelerating the shift to EVs and one of the organizations behind Drive Electric Earth Month. “With more EVs on the streets and new changes to the federal tax credit allowing for instant discounts at the dealership, we’ve seen more people curious about EVs and making the switch.”

Plug In America, Electric Vehicle Association, Sierra Club, Drive Electric USA, and EVHybridNoire partnered to organize this year’s national campaign. The groups recruit organizers to host local events that are registered on DriveElectricEarthMonth.org. Then, EV drivers and the public can easily find the nearest event and sign up to volunteer or attend.

Wells Fargo, the EV Adoption Leadership certification program, and Edison International are supporters of Drive Electric Earth Month, providing funding and spreading awareness about the events.

Last year U.S. consumers bought more than 1.4 million electric vehicles, which includes all-electric models and plug-in hybrids. Industry experts expect car manufacturers to sell more than that this year, making DEEM events a critical tool in educating the public.

DEEM is open to everyone, including those who aren’t car gurus. “After talking with EV drivers, we see people look at EVs with increased interest,” Levin said. “Change is scary, but hearing from real people helps others understand that not only is switching doable, it’s also a positive change on the whole.”

To learn more and RSVP for an event, visit DriveElectricEarthMonth.org.

About Plug In America

Plug In America is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the use of plug-in electric vehicles in the United States. Formed in 2008, Plug In America provides practical, objective information to consumers and dealerships about EVs through various programs, including National Drive Electric Week, Drive Electric Earth Month, PlugStar.com, and other public outreach events. With Plug In America’s coalition of plug-in vehicle drivers, policy experts, and technical advisors, their expertise represents the world’s deepest pool of experience in driving and living with plug-in vehicles. The organization’s motto is: “We drive electric. You can too.” Learn more at PlugInAmerica.org.

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