Ask MoveOn.org to Support Plug In America

Photo by Theresa Thompson (CC)

Like many of us, the grassroots political action organization MoveOn.org is figuring out its end-of-year charitable donations strategy. You can help them decide!

Vote here before Dec. 29 and choose Plug In America’so that MoveOn.org will ask its 5 million supporters across the United States to contribute to our educational and policy work promoting plug-in electric vehicles. Like all non-profits, Plug In America needs financial support more than ever. And 2011 will be a key year where our work can make a big difference.

As new plug-in vehicles start to roll off assembly lines into consumers’ garages and fleet parking lots, more people than ever will get to see them, hear about them, touch them, drive them — thanks in no small part to our years of efforts to get to this point. They’ll have questions. They’ll see and hear disinformation about EVs from oil industry stooges and others. (Don’t believe me? I guess you didn’t watch Who Killed the Electric Car?, eh?) Local governments and utilities will be creating EV policies on the fly, often with no input from a consumer’s viewpoint if not for Plug In America.

So vote here for Plug In America before Dec. 29! MoveOn.org allows you to vote 5 times. They’ll ask for your e-mail address the first time only, and will send you an e-mail to confirm that you’re a real person voting. You could vote once for Plug In America, close out the site, and return to vote again for Plug In America four more times. As they say, vote early and often!

– Sherry Boschert

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