AB475 Update

Plug In America met with staff in Governor Brown’s office yesterday to discuss AB475. It was clear that lobbyists for GM and other stakeholders have been working hard to sway their opinion We were able to educate them not only on why it is important to get this issue right, but also on how it might be done. When you take into account the cost to the state for requiring one charger per plug-in space, the issue becomes much more focused. One of the best things to come out of the meeting is that it is clear that Governor Brown is engaged on clean transportation issues and supports plug-in vehicles.

The Governor’s office has asked us to come back and propose a solution with an amended version of AB475 that serves all plug-in drivers, something we’re committed to doing. We will keep everyone posted as this progresses and determine if we can get agreement on a version of the bill that the Governor can sign rather than veto.

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