09.01.2011 - by Jay Friedland
AB475 Update

Plug In America met with staff in Governor Brown’s office yesterday to discuss AB475. It was clear that lobbyists for GM and other stakeholders have been working hard to sway their opinion We were able to educate them not only on why it is important to get this issue right, but also on how it might be done. When you take into account the cost to the state for requiring one charger per plug-in space, the issue becomes much more focused. One of the best things to come out of the meeting is that it is clear that Governor Brown is engaged on clean transportation issues and supports plug-in vehicles.

The Governor’s office has asked us to come back and propose a solution with an amended version of AB475 that serves all plug-in drivers, something we’re committed to doing. We will keep everyone posted as this progresses and determine if we can get agreement on a version of the bill that the Governor can sign rather than veto.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Jay, Thank you for the update. Thanks to those of you who went to The Governor’s Office for our benefit. I believe AB475 needs to be amended as well. And thanks to Governor Brown for signing SB209 on July, 25. This bill may have been helpful in encouraging my HOA at my condo in Marina del Rey to conditionally approve my EVSE installation after a denial and a hearing on appeal.
    We have had our Leaf for 3 months with no ability to charge at home. Since my wife works at LAX, most of our charging has occurred there. The problem is charging is not guaranteed. It is chance. Even when a charger is available, it is often not possible to park close enough for the cord to reach. In fact, it seems some EV drivers feel the need to park close to the charges to qualify for free parking. Then, if you do get a spot (there are about 8 spaces close enough for the cords to reach, if you count going over the wall into the structure, or parking in that one spot surrounded by the white poles. I could not bring myself to do that, but I have seen it.) you might have to unplug someone else. My wife does not feel comfortable unplugging other people’s cars. Actually, this is Los Angeles, I do not feel comfortable having her unplug other people’s cars. Sooner or later, someone is going to pull the wrong guy’s plug. One of the biggest problems at LAX is people leave their cars long after they have been charged. In fact, there is no incentive not to leave your car plugged in and go on vacation.

    Here is what I would include in AB475:

    1. Ticket and tow non-electric vehicles parked in designated EV charging spaces. Do not make it a crime.

    2. Make the charging cords shorter, so they can only charge the vehicle in the space designated for that charger.

    3. Charge users, automatically on their account, $0.25 for each 15 minutes they leave their cars plugged in after charging is complete.

    4. Make it illegal to unplug someone else’s car.

    5. Ticket EV’s which are parked in an EV designated space, but not plugged in.

    This should result in greater use of the chargers.

    Charging probably should not be free. If installing chargers were profitable, they would spring up like weeds. That is what we need. There should be at least 5-10 chargers in each terminal at LAX, not just 2 at T1. They should be common like parking meters. They should be everywhere. I imagine a city where more than half of all cars are electric. Then, I think what the charging infrastructure must be like. Then, I would build today only what would become part of that grand scheme, rather than have to do things over again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Electric cars are the biggest waste of time. They only work for people that travel short distances. The research needs to be done on alternative combustion engine fuel. The market for electric car is never going to take off, and the government needs to stop making regulations for people to buy them like some kind of socialist system of forced economics.

  3. Steven says:

    That is great work, kudos! I’m wondering how the Chevy Volt fits into this?

  4. LEAFican says:

    Kudos. Keep up the good work. I wish PIA success.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Actual *good* news for a change…knock on wood.

  6. That’s great news Jay. Just the fact they they asked you to bring them proposed changes indicated that they are willing to listen and perhaps rewrite it before it becomes law.

    This has implications that are greater than just California, since I’m sure other states will look at what California does and in many cases adopt identical charging laws. Great work!

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