07.12.2019 - by Noah Barnes
Results of the 2019 Independence Day EV Count

On July 4, Plug In America held the first annual Independence Day EV Count. Plug In America supporters across the United States ventured out into their neighborhoods to count how many EVs they can find. In total, we counted 13,750 cars, of which 569 (4.14%) were electric vehicles. All-electric vehicles accounted for 2.45% and plug-in hybrids accounted for 1.69% of all vehicles.

The chart below breaks down results by each state in which at least 100 total cars were counted. California had the highest percentage of EVs at 8.16%, followed by Illinois, New York, Utah, and Ohio. 

While these results aren’t scientific, we hope will continue to track these numbers in the coming years as one way of monitoring the growth in clean electric vehicles. To ensure your state is counted, we hope you will participate in the 2020 Independence Day EV Count!

12 comments on “Results of the 2019 Independence Day EV Count”
  1. Thomas Vail says:

    Without a vote Ohio passed a 100.00 dollar fee for hybrid vehicles . why because you don’t pay enough in gas tax ! So much for energy conservation ! If the government ever wants to go hybrid or electric with its fleet of vehicles . just hand that tax money to the oil industry. Drill baby Drill !!!!!

  2. William Rahilly says:

    The state of New Jersey shows how the number of electric vehicles registered in New Jersey has grown over the past few years. Here is the link: https://www.drivegreen.nj.gov/electric.html
    Once you have clicked the link, scroll down to see the chart.

  3. William Rahilly says:

    If you are looking for actual number, New York has provided a link to data from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), NYSERDA has developed EValuateNY, a tool that compiles statistics on the electric car market, including where registrations are, what makes and models are most popular, and more. Users can drill down for more or details, and the maps and charts are interactive. Registration data can also be accessed through a downloadable Excel file [XLSX]. DMV data is typically updated monthly. Here is that link: https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/ChargeNY/Support-Electric/Map-of-EV-Registrations

  4. Brandy Grote says:

    We counted 2 here in my driveway here in Granada Hills! Well, one full EV in the driveway, and 1 plug in hybrid out on the road on the 4th.

  5. Rick Castellini says:

    Thanks for the quick answer. We are in AZ and counted here in Tucson (I forgot that we didn’t do it by model). It’s a great idea and think it will grow.!

  6. Eric M Weis says:

    I am amazed that NJ comes in 18th on this list, while NY is #2 and Connecticut is #9. I do not understand the reason for this gross statistical discrepancy. It is either caused by real differences in EV adoption, or else poor counting methodology. In other words, a worthless statistical sample. Can PIA indicate how the counting was done – how volunteers were recruited, and then how their results were interpreted? Just curious – it would be nice to know if these differences are real or imaginary.

    1. Noah Barnes says:

      Eric, as mentioned in the article, this is not a scientific study, by any means, and the data should not be interpreted to account for actual rates of EV adoption. That said, it is interesting to see what Plug In America supporters counted in their own neighborhoods and will be even more interesting in future years when we can compare data from year to year and see the percentage of EVs increase!

  7. Jeffrey C. Jacobs says:

    Virginians and West Virginians were too busy driving their EVs in parades to do a count. That’s why we don’t have any numbers for those states.

  8. Rick Castellini says:

    Will you be releasing further details about the count? Number of participants, car breakdown etc. Thanks!

    1. Noah Barnes says:

      We only asked for a breakdown by all-electric/plug-in hybrid. We did not ask for a breakdown by make/model. A total of 85 people participated in the EV Count and we hope to have more next year!

  9. Stephen Russell says:

    Wheres HI, AZ, NM, Wash DC, ??? for EV count

    1. Noah Barnes says:

      The states included in the chart are the only states for which at least 100 cars were counted. The other states either had nobody participate or less than 100 total cars were counted in that state. Hopefully next year more states will be represented!

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