Results of the 2019 Independence Day EV Count

On July 4, Plug In America held the first annual Independence Day EV Count. Plug In America supporters across the United States ventured out into their neighborhoods to count how many EVs they can find. In total, we counted 13,750 cars, of which 569 (4.14%) were electric vehicles. All-electric vehicles accounted for 2.45% and plug-in hybrids accounted for 1.69% of all vehicles.

The chart below breaks down results by each state in which at least 100 total cars were counted. California had the highest percentage of EVs at 8.16%, followed by Illinois, New York, Utah, and Ohio. 

While these results aren’t scientific, we hope will continue to track these numbers in the coming years as one way of monitoring the growth in clean electric vehicles. To ensure your state is counted, we hope you will participate in the 2020 Independence Day EV Count!

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