Webinar – EV Batteries: An Overview of the Impacts and Solutions
08.03.2020 - by Plug In America
Webinar – EV Batteries: An Overview of the Impacts and Solutions

Recorded August 18, 2020

Electric vehicles offer the potential for tremendous reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, as well as conventional pollutants near roadways. They are clean, quiet, and efficient. But what about the batteries? To what extent is the manufacture and end-of-life treatment of the batteries a significant concern, and what is being done? With fossil fuel interests spotlighting battery issues to discourage EV adoption, Plug In America encourages an open and honest discussion of the legitimate concerns.


Hanjiro Ambrose has conducted research on EV battery technologies for the University of California at Davis and for the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Jennifer Krill is the President of the Board of Plug In America and the Executive Director of Earthworks.

Ron Freund is a board member of Plug In America and has driven plug-in vehicles for more than twenty years, totaling over 310,000 miles!

Slides available:

Read answers to questions asked during the webinar.


Photo by Tennen-Gas is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

10 comments on “Webinar – EV Batteries: An Overview of the Impacts and Solutions”
  1. Bill Leddy says:

    Here’s a good video on the topic:

  2. Beverly DesChaux says:

    Seriously folks, have had the hardest time trying to share this. Your FB Event page does not have a live link and for or a way to comment there for some reason. And when I sent this with some description as an email to invite our Electric Auto Assn group, it was not received. Maybe it is my HuaWei spy device?

  3. Steve Ferry says:

    We often hear from climate change deniers that despite the lower emissions during use, the life-cycle pollution from EVs is comparable to or more than gasoline engine cars. Please provide numerical data on this issue, i.e. the total life cycle emissions including mining of metals used through disposal costs at end of life, for EVs vs. gasoline cars.

  4. ira josephs says:

    We know there are impacts with the large battery packs for EVs, but I would like to see the comparison of the overall impact of an EV vs a gas car. Like EVs don’t need a catalytic converter which I think also uses rare minerals.

  5. rita mcmahon says:

    when looking at the hybrid models – it appears that the electric range is only 20 + miles before gas is needed. why is the range so short compared to the reange for electric only vehicles?

  6. jennifer schutt says:

    I registered but now I have a work meeting at that time. Can you please let us know when the recorded version becomes available. Thanks!

  7. Harlan Delzer says:

    I am very interested in the EV Battery topic. However, I am already booked into an obligation for Tuesday morning (8/18). Will a recorded version be available, later?

    1. Silvia Gonzalez says:

      Hi Harlan,

      Great question! Yes, a recorded version will be available.

  8. Judy Mitchell says:

    I am hoping you will also address the status of solid state battery development and the timing of when we might start seeing these batteries in autos and which companies are doing the development.

  9. Bonnie Price says:

    I was promised a Level 2 charger by DHS Honda and they claim it is unavailable. This was promised due to the fact the misrepresented the interest rate offered. They also have not provided the navigation booklet. In fact, when I purchased my car no booklets were available and it took them several week to get me the one.

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