State incentives scattered across the country

The public often has the general impression that Plug In America is California-centric. Given our history and our headquarters, this is only natural. However, EV interest is thriving across the United States. We’re doing our best to support this.

Plug In America members and supporters bode from small rural towns as well as major urban centers. People from Columbus, Ohio; Grand Junction, Colorado, and Liverpool, New York have just joined Plug In America, to name a few. Can you guess what state Tyngsboro is in? It’s in Massachusetts and we have a new member from there too.

Similarly, tax breaks and other incentives are originating from all over the United States, and at all levels of government. Plug In America has created two education tools to keep up with this information, both by creating a table listing incentives by state, as well as mapping it out. If you click on a dot on the map, a pop-up box will provide a description of the incentive.

Given our CA roots, we are especially excited that one of the most aggressive packages of financial incentives to date was just announced by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), including up to $5,000 cash rebate for EV purchases. Plug In America’spent considerable time last year appearing at workshops and testifying publicly to urge CARB to offer significant incentives and we commend their initiative.

Other types of incentives are spread across the states, ranging from financial to non-monetary perks, such as carpool lane access. Financial benefits are typically offered as income tax credits, sales tax exemptions, cash rebates or other perks. For instance, in some states, EVs are exempt from vehicle registration fees. A few cities provide free parking and charging for EVs and low permit fees for charging installation. We haven’t yet produced a table with city incentives but this is coming.

The extent of incentives available to EV consumers and drivers is dynamic and constantly evolving as legislators vote some down or consider new ones. Plug In America’s dedicated interns, starting with Juliette and now Adam and Arianne, have done a great job maintaining our summary of current and proposed incentives. We hope and expect to keep up with the topic, but it is an ever moving target so we welcome your help. Feel free to email me at info@pluginamerica.org with any insight into your community’s actions.
If you would like to receive an email every time the map on the website is updated, we will be offering this service to members. Please join if you haven’t, and next week, please go to https://pluginamerica.org/why-plug-vehicles/state-federal-incentives and look for the sign-up box. You’ll need to add your name, email and zip code.

-Jeanne Trombly

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