Reva to bring new electric car to Iceland

Reva_NXG_1_01 Reva, the Indian electric car company best known for the G-Whiz in England, has signed a deal to bring their new product to Iceland with sales beginning within a year. The NXG and NXR, revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show recently, have a Th!nk City-like footprint, 100 mile range and 65 mph top speed.

(Photo of the NXG, courtesy of Reva.)

Electricity is a more renewable resource than ice in Iceland. This provided hydrogen utopians with the world’s best-case scenario for transitioning to a hydrogen economy. Yet after a decade of hydrogen hype and fuel cell fever stoked by car and oil companies, few cars have arrived. None for sale. At one time there were 16 hydrogen cars in Reykjavik. As of July, that was down to 12. ClimateWire reports:

“In the past years, teams from all the big car manufacturing companies visited us and said they intended to market fuel cell-powered hydrogen cars shortly after 2010,” said Bragi Arnason, a professor of chemistry at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.

Three hydrogen buses once served regular Reykjavik routes. “The bus project has now been terminated; we are waiting for the next generation to be built,” Arnason said. Now Mitsubishi’s iMiev and Reva are poised to begin the viable zero-emission transition in Iceland. [Sources: autobloggreen.com and eenews.net]

Posted by Marc Geller, Plug In America board member

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