05.28.2013 - by Zan Dubin-Scott
Quick Chargers are Comin’

fast_chargerVroom, vroom! That’s the sound of quick charging, Los Angeles style, which Plug In America co-founders Paul Scott and Zan Dubin Scott celebrated last month on a hot afternoon at Nissan of Downtown L.A. Paul, the dealership’s Leaf sales specialist, drew triple the number of usual Saturday test drives with Clean Get Away, a party to mark installation of a new DC quick charger (DCQC). Nissan of Downtown L.A.’s quick charger, which “fills the tank” to 80 percent in about 30 minutes, is free to all Leaf and Mitsubishi iMiEV drivers, at least for now, during business hours.

This dealership is one of the first of several in southern california slated to receive a DCQC from Nissan, which recently announced plans to install about 50 more, primarily in California and on the East Coast. According to charge-station locator app Recargo, there are 368 DC fast chargers in use today.

Why not look up where the quick chargers are currently located and go try one out? You can find them by filtering for the Quick Charge stations on Recargo or any of the charging station locater apps. Then let us know what you think.

Watch the video below from the LA event and see what others have to say about these fast chargers.

Thanks to Real Food Daily and AeroVironment  for supporting Clean Get Away.

2 comments on “Quick Chargers are Comin’”
  1. Eric Crowder says:

    What about SAE combo quick chargers. Will these DC quick chargers have dual plugs with chadmeo and SAE COMBO?

  2. Nissan actually plans to install 500-600 quick charge stations around the country. a user contributed map of the locations is in progress and can be viewed here as well as recargo


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