The Missing Piece on Meeting Transportation Electrification Goals: Utility Education and Outreach Programs

Plug-in electric vehicles and the shift to transportation electrification have been proven to provide significant benefits to all customers in utility service territories, the electric grid and to each state. In order to achieve these benefits, and to meet various climate and air quality goals, many states and cities have adopted specific targets and goals to advance the transportation electrification sector. While many barriers to greater adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) are being addressed, the barrier of education and outreach (E&O) of these vehicles must still be acknowledged and addressed. This paper examines the current state of E&O in the transportation electrification sector and lays the foundation for why utility investment in E&O is the missing piece to achieving goals for transportation electrification. The paper outlines eight key reasons for why utilities should be enabled to invest in E&O for transportation electrification programs. The paper concludes with a summary of best practices in utility E&O for EVs, which include test ride and drives, retail experience centers, dealer partnerships and automaker partnerships, and other innovative partnerships.

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