Plug In America honors outstanding EV dealers
05.13.2021 - by Plug In America
Plug In America honors outstanding EV dealers

Plug In America’s PlugStar EV consumer and dealer engagement program, in partnership with SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District), recently celebrated some of the program’s outstanding dealers in recognition of their commitment to EV sales. Dealers and their sales staff were honored with trophies, plaques, and food trucks in honor of their EV sales achievements. Dealers and sales staff appreciated that the PlugStar program recognized their efforts in selling EVs, especially during this pandemic.

Our PlugStar program trains auto dealers to better serve EV customers, giving sales staff valuable information and tools related to charging, incentives, and other aspects of EV ownership. This ensures that when consumers are looking to switch to an EV, they will have a positive purchase experience.

To find a PlugStar-certified dealer in your area, visit Plug In America’s EV shopping website, You can also compare available vehicles, find incentives, and get equipped for charging… everything you need to shift to electric!

2 comments on “Plug In America honors outstanding EV dealers”
  1. Chuck Burgess says:

    An outstanding EV dealer to highlight in the Southeast is Donohoo Chevrolet in Fort Payne, Alabama:

    “we ended up selling more electric vehicles than all the other Chevy dealerships in Alabama combined. We sold more retail Bolts in 2020 than any dealer within a 500-mile radius, including in large cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, St Louis, Indianapolis, New Orleans, and Charlotte.”

    I got my Volt there several years ago, after seeing their name on all the Volts I encountered in my area.

  2. Carol Gendel says:

    I am thrilled that Pres. Biden is so strongly supporting EV. My question is – what will we do to vastly expand the number and locations of charging stations so they are located, like gas pumps, at every hwy exit? I am sure F150 drivers want to be able to drive from job to job without worrying about running out of juice. (Or are these all solar powered?) Only when people feel they can get a charge en route to wherever they go will range anxiety disappear. (BTW, I own a 2018 Nissan Leaf.)

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