Plug ’em in! (Your earbuds, that is)

It’s winter. You’re on the treadmill or the stationary bicycle at the gym, listening to your iPod or other portable digital device. Or you’re washing the dishes after dinner, ear buds feeding you the latest sounds of — what?

It could be Plug In America’s podcast, with our mellifluous host, Kate Baker (the self-titled “pod broad”) keeping you updated on the latest events in the electric-vehicle world. If you haven’t been listening, check it out. You can subscribe to the podcast so that each episode is pushed to you, so you can listen at your convenience.

PIA_GUIDE_COVER_sm[1] Kate interviewed yours truly this week to talk about the exciting launch of our new book, Charged Up & Ready To Roll: The Definitive Guide To Plug-in Electric Vehicles. The launch party is this Thursday in San Francisco — and I hope some of you can join us there. If you’d like a copy of Charged Up & Ready To Roll and can’t come to the party, become a member of Plug In America (if you aren’t one already) to receive a digital copy, or check our website soon to order a print copy. You’ll be glad you did.

Sherry Boschert

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