Own a Piece of History

Linda Nicholes, co-founder of Plug In America and long-time advocate for solar energy and plug-in cars, has been on the front lines of the plug-in movement since the beginning. When Tesla announced that they would be selling vehicles to the public, Linda was among the first in line. Her roadster, production number 20, has been featured at numerous plug-in events and has even had a few media cameos. After purchasing one of the first Model S Sedans, Linda has generously offered her Roadster, “Tessie”, to Plug In America to support our work in promoting the adoption of electric drive. We are grateful for Linda’s support and generosity.

We are pleased to be able to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a vehicle that embodies the ingenuity and determination of one of America’s great success stories. Like Plug In America, Tesla Motors, believed that electric drive was not only a viable option for vehicles, but, in fact, the best option for a truly remarkable driving experience. The Tesla Roadster was a ground-breaking automobile that will go down as one of the few great automobiles produced over the last few decades.


Check out the details on the car at the eBay auction before 11am (pacific) Thursday, Oct 3rd.

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