Our PSA Hits National Televsion

Plug In America’s third PSA, “Hype,” ran on national television today, from start to finish. This is a historic first for us. Sure, we’ve been on the big screen (“Who Killed the Electric Car?”) and our protests and talking-points covered by local TV news. But whodathunk FOX would be the first network to go so far for not-so-little-old us?

During the segment on “Your World” with Neil Cavuto, after the spot ran the camera held on the Plug In America logo and website for a satisfyingly long moment–even if Cavuto failed to mention the producers of the PSA by name (us! Plug In America). But the spot was excerpted once or twice again. Yes we’re counting. Marvin Campbell, who stars as “Gas” but has owned two EVs for years, got a lot of ‘face’ time.

In his interview with Cavuto, Fabio was a strong, strong proponent of EVs, raving about the Ferrari-beating speed of the American-made Tesla. He said nothing about pollution or emissions or the economy, but did say the Tesla is “great technology….fully electric so we can be more independent from foreign oil. I’m a speed maniac, I always have fast cars and I was amazed how fast a car like the Tesla” can go.

Cavuto, a personal friend of Fabio’s, nonetheless took the attack angle on EVs, bashing his buddy again and again for believing in EVs. “I don’t think this plug-in car thing is going to work, it’s a dumb idea,” Cavuto said. “I hope I am wrong for all the money we taxpayers have [paid] to subsidize this thing.”

Who wants to add up the subsidies for Big Oil for our friend Cavuto?

Editor’s note: We have emailed Neil Cavuto a link to the video below which proves Fabio was able to fit in an electric car just fine:

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