Nissan generously donates LEAF to Plug In America
09.12.2019 - by Noah Barnes
Nissan generously donates LEAF to Plug In America

We would like to thank Nissan for making a generous donation of a 2018 Nissan LEAF to Plug In America! The car, which has been wrapped with the Plug In America logo, will be put to great use as a display vehicle at ride-and-drive events, giving many visitors their first opportunity to see an electric vehicle up close. The Nissan LEAF has also been the exclusive automotive sponsor of National Drive Electric Week since 2012.

4 comments on “Nissan generously donates LEAF to Plug In America”
  1. Jim stack says:

    Nissan still doesn’t have long life batteries for warm climates. They wilt in the Southern USA. They have a reduced warranty. Tell them to fix their weak design. Battery Thermal Management is a must for sustainable vehicles.

  2. Larry T. Ware says:

    My 2011 LEAF, purchased used two years ago, has been my all-time favorite car. At 62 years, I’ve owned a wide variety of cars. I learned of electric cars from watching Chris Payne’s movie, “Who Killed the Electric Car.” The testimonials in that film from the EV-1 drivers and the valuable information contained in the film convinced me about the major advantages of going electric. When I found out in 2010 that Nissan offered an all-electric LEAF I couldn’t be more excited. EVs are peppy, clean, quiet, fun, and inexpensive to drive. I’ll always have one now.

  3. Suzanne Sayer says:

    I absolutely love my Leaf. Everyone I’ve given a ride to finds it quiet, comfortable and sporty. They say its comfortable and easy to get into. And QUIET

  4. Cami Gienger says:

    For 5 years, we leased a 2014, and currently 2017 Leaf. Gas free, extremely noice reduction, clean air contribution to the environment, Great vehicle! We loved it and will continue with it from now on.

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