Nevada becomes 16th state to adopt clean car standards
10.31.2021 - by Noah Barnes
Nevada becomes 16th state to adopt clean car standards

On Friday, October 22, the Nevada Legislative Commission voted 8-4 in favor of accepting the Clean Cars Nevada program, making it the 16th state in the nation to adopt clean car standards. The clean car standards make electric vehicles (EVs) more widely available to Nevada residents. Plug In America has been working closely with other advocates in Nevada to push this forward.

“We are so excited that Nevada has adopted clean car standards,” said Joel Levin, executive director of Plug In America. “Consumers want to drive clean electric vehicles, but in many states, they aren’t able to access the more than 50 makes and models of EVs that are currently available in the U.S. This legislation will ensure that Nevadans have more choices for clean cars, SUVs, and pick-up trucks.”

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3 comments on “Nevada becomes 16th state to adopt clean car standards”
  1. Janet says:

    This is interesting and explains why my NC Hyundai dealship did not have EV’s even if you bought one in another state; they do. It maintain them here. I ended up with a Toyota Venza hybrid for now but am looking forward to owning my first EV

  2. Bill Pace says:

    What do we need to do to get SC on board for a cleaner America?

  3. Paul Kahle says:

    As we have learned in Washington State, simply adopting the standards does NOT instantly mean that the newer rarer vehicles will be available in your state. Our state passed the adoption through the legislature in March 2020 and the law became effective as of June 2020 but, to date, the rules supporting the bill have not been written and car dealerships across the state still remain blissfully unaware of the requirements. The best estimates I have heard is that it will take 3 full years after the passage of the act before the law actually comes into effect here.

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