Imitation is So Flattering-Nissan’s New Ad

Shooting a Plug In America PSA

Yes, we love Nissan’s brilliant new Leaf ad! Especially because it looks SO much like our very own “Cell Phone” Public Service Announcement (PSA), distributed worldwide in November 2010.

Are we sayin’ that one of the world’s largest automakers, capable of hiring one of the world’s largest advertising conglomerates, copied our PSA?

Nah. We’re just sayin’ maybe they got a few creative tips from Plug In America. Possibly? Probably?

We haven’t talked to Nissan about it yet.

But why wouldn’t they? What other group of folk as we have spent as much time driving electrics and extolling their virtues, and talking about them, and studying them (if virtually never repairing them, cuz you virtually don’t need to)? Who knows more than we do?

And whose talented volunteers spent hours producing seven, count ’em, seven PSAs?

So we’re happy if it’s true, not just because imitation is the greatest form of you-know-the-rest.

But because Nissan has a much bigger marketing budget than Plug In America does. We say, go viral, “Gas Powered Everything.”

And we say, go watch Nissan’s cool new ad. Then tell your friends to watch our PSAs. Cuz we’re all about letting the world know about cars that can drive on sunshine. And do.

Oh, and about that Volt thing in the ad? Jeff U’Ren, the six-time Emmy Award-winning editor who helped write and edited our PSAs, drives a Volt.

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