Are electric cars better to drive?

Many electric car drivers will report that they offer a more enjoyable driving experience, due to the smooth, quiet ride and instant acceleration. While this is subjective, we can get a clear picture from surveys and polls of EV drivers.

In 2020, AAA surveyed drivers of plug-in cars and asked about their experience and perceptions of driving electric. Their findings reveal drivers who are very happy with electric cars:

  • Three quarters (78%) also have a gas-powered car in the household, yet they report doing a majority of their driving (87%) in their electric vehicle.
  • The majority (96%) say they would buy or lease another electric vehicle the next time they were in the market for a new car.
  • Two in five (43%) say they drive more now than when they owned a gas-powered car. On average, electric vehicle owners drive 39 miles per day.

These results affirm the findings of a 2019 study by IHS Markit, which found increasing EV loyalty rates as more models with longer ranges hit the marketplace.

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