EVs spotted on the streets of Ukraine
03.03.2020 - by Silvia Gonzalez
EVs spotted on the streets of Ukraine

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On a recent work assignment in Ukraine, an EV caught my eye – what were those California HOV access decals doing on a car on the streets of Kyiv?

As I looked around, I noticed a number of EVs – including Uber-branded Nissan Leafs around town, that I could sometimes order as an “Green” option instead of ordering a standard UberX, and other taxi operators with Leafs in their fleet.

Curious, I investigated and learned that Ukraine’s EV market is small but has been growing quickly – on average 58% year over year. There are an estimated 15,500 vehicles in operation today of which 91% are used vehicles, mostly imported from the US.

Top seller is the Nissan Leaf—which was consistent with what I saw from the streets of Kyiv–but there are certainly a mix of other EVs. About 25% of these are four years or older, at least in part because many of the existing charging stations are too slow and too weak to reliably charge the higher-capacity batteries of newer EVs within a practical timeframe1. I didn’t see a charging station at all in my time there, nor did my apps (PlugShare, Chargepoint, EVgo, or even Google maps) tell me where I might find one, but I suspect I’d have better luck if I searched for a resource in Ukrainian.

The parliament has recently passed some incentives such as making EV imports customs- and tax-free (which is significant as these fees are typically 20% on non-EV imports), discounted auto insurance rates, EV-only parking and priority lane access. However, legislation that would simplify the process to install a charging station or clarify eligibility and definitions for EVs has not yet passed. Still, the market is growing in size and range – I saw a handful of Teslas, as well as some Renault Kangoos making deliveries.

In many ways, EVs are a “no-brainer” for Ukraine. The country has excess electric generating capacity, fuel prices are high and getting higher all the time. EVs are a great option for Ukraine for practical, environmental and energy security reasons.


1 https://www.kyivpost.com/business/ukraine-showing-electric-growth-in-this-car-market.html


3 comments on “EVs spotted on the streets of Ukraine”
  1. Susanna says:

    Not to disparage Ukranians, but I recently read that US Customs is ramping up searches of car exports to stop stolen cars from being exported. I wonder if any of these cars were stolen?

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Robyn, I am seeing over 400 public charging stations in Ukraine on PlugShare.com. Could it be the filters you had applied on your app?

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