12.29.2011 - by Jay Friedland
EV Tax Incentives

At the end of 2011, three of our key federal electric vehicle tax credits will expire: incentives for consumers and businesses installing charging stations, affordable two and three-wheeled EVs, and those for plug-in conversions will all be left behind. But what keeps me awake at night are ongoing challenges to the overall plug-in tax credit. I am sure you have heard all of the major media talking about the Payroll Tax Extension; but what you may not have known is that EVs are part of the political football, too. Here’s what is going on..

We fought hard (and won) to get all of these expiring electric vehicle tax credits included in the “energy tax credit extenders package” covering items like the production tax credit for electricity (wind/solar) and the 30% investment tax credit for manufacturing equipment. And with support on both sides of the aisle, we made it onto the list under consideration by the Senate Finance committee.

Now the House has finally joined the Senate in passing a two-month extension on the Payroll Tax Holiday, Unemployment Insurance, and Medicare reimbursement, but at the final moment all other extenders (including ours!) were pushed aside. These EV tax credits are now in play for the full fix, which could come at the end of the two-month extension.

We need your support to make sure that EVs are fully included as part of the package and we don’t lose these key incentives forever. Between now and the end of February watch for action alerts from us to support the continuation of EV tax credits. If you aren’t receiving our alerts and newsletters, sign up here to receive them. To support the effort further, please Donate to Plug In America. Your donation will keep us on the hill fighting for EVs until the Senate and House vote at the end of the two-month extension and we win.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jay, I could not agree more that we need these extensions to keep the interest in purchasing all electric vehicles. I myself have used these credits as a tool to get people over the hump in their purchase of an electric moped. I always say to them to think of this as your final payment back to you for your bold purchase. And with the tsunami’s that delayed the Leaf production and may other electrics, they should be extending the credits anyways. The voice of the EV population needs to get out there and tell our elected officials to get this taken care of.

    Proud owner of an all electric Moped and over 230,000 miles of both electric (17,000 miles) and Hybrid (113,000 miles) with my Civic Hybrid and going strong. Keep up the good fight Plug In.

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