Electric Taxi in Texas

112_1548_c64d3.Large Plug In America member Sara Bissig and her husband Jimmy have a very visible all-electric taxi service in The Woodlands community north of oil-rich Houston, Texas.Their two Go Green Eco Taxis faithfully deliver passengers around town in clean, chic electric style.The larger of the two Sky Car neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) is often filled to 10-person capacity as it zips around The Woodlands Mall, Town Center and Grogan’s Mill Village for $3.00 per person.The Bissigs’ smaller blue eco taxi comfortably seats five passengers plus driver.

Let’s say you happen to be in The Woodlands area, and you’d like to make your way to the local mall but parking is impossible. Maybe you’d fancy dining on Market Street or Waterway Square or you’d prefer some local sightseeing or you merely long to experience the ambiance of an ultra-smooth, non-polluting ride in an electric vehicle. Simply call Go Green Eco Taxi. Sara or one of her driving team will sail silently by in a rare-as-diamonds all-electric Texas taxi and literally sweep you off your tired, aching feet.

How did Sara and Jimmy come to own this electric taxi business? Sara — who proudly proclaims an interest in all things environmental — says she “hopes to inspire our customers and friends to live green with our eco taxi.” On a purely practical level, Sara noticed a few years ago that it was becoming ridiculously challenging to find parking around The Woodlands Mall: “There was a sea of vehicles that needed parking.” She’d already been thinking about ways to green her world and make a difference. A lightning bolt of inspiration struck her. Why not provide electric transportation for local residents and tourists? She and husband Jimmy then promptly purchased their two all-electric Sky Car NEVs.

DogEcoTaxiThe two electric work horses can be found picking up and delivering passengers to shopping destinations, concerts or restaurants Monday through Saturday. The Go Green Eco Taxi is also available for business conventions, wedding receptions or holiday parties. As Sara likes to say, “If you drink, let us drive.” One of Sara’s passengers declares, “This is not a typical taxi service. This ride rocks!”

I asked Sara about the reaction of random passengers who hop into her two Go Green Eco Taxis. Sara explains, “People love it. They just love it! Lots of concert goers hitch a ride, and we play downloaded music from the concert they are going to attend. Often it’s the first time people have ever been in an electric vehicle. Even though this area is all about oil-derived wealth, the positive reaction we get from the Green Eco Taxi is amazing.” Another benefit of the green eco-taxi: “Dogs ride free.”

So hats off to an enterprising Plug In America member who saw a clear transportation need and powered both that need and her Go Green Eco Taxis with electrons.

Posted by Linda Nicholes

Photos courtesy of GoGreenEcoTaxi.com

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