Colorado adopts zero-emissions vehicle program
08.21.2019 - by Noah Barnes
Colorado adopts zero-emissions vehicle program

On Friday, August 16, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopted the zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) program, joining California and nine other states that already have a ZEV program. This is a huge step forward, as Colorado is the first state to adopt such a program in a decade and other states are lining up to follow.

The ZEV program requires auto manufacturers to sell electric vehicles and other ZEVs in that state, thereby giving residents more options to purchase EVs and increasing overall EV adoption.

“We are thrilled that Colorado has joined the ten other states that know that zero-emissions vehicles are better for consumers, for the local economy and for our air quality,” said Joel Levin, Plug In America’s executive director. “ There are more than 40 models of plug-in electric vehicles available and this adoption will give Colorado residents more options to purchase the vehicles they are looking for. Colorado is the first state to adopt the ZEV mandate in a decade and we strongly encourage more states to do the same.”

Plug In America’s PlugStar EV Shopping Assistant allows consumers to see which vehicles are available in their state.

2 comments on “Colorado adopts zero-emissions vehicle program”
  1. Deanna RosenHovey says:

    Hello , I have a Chevy Volt and love it. I was curious if Colorado might be offering some type of program like California Clean Car in order receive some assistance in purchasing a EV car. I cant thank the people and the program for being able to purchase my vehicle any other way. It was almost as if my husband had to work to pay for his commute each day. . We are now saving so much money and helping the environment as well. I would love to see my daughter be able to qualify for one.

  2. David Radzieta says:

    Excellent news. Thanks.

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