Battery Recycling

Finally a more concrete example of automaker plans to recycle batteries. And it appears that Nissan Motor Company is leading the “pack” (so to speak)

Nissan will form a joint venture with Sumitomo Corporation to recycle lithium ion batteries for the new EV kid on the block — the Nissan LEAF.

One of the biggest upsides to automotive battery recycling is that it could make electric cars more affordable — not to mention greener. The Nissan / Sumitomo alliance also represents an example of Nissan’s effort to catch up with such rivals as Honda and Toyota whose main fuel-economy focus has been aimed at gasoline-electric hybrids. Recycled batteries may be put to use as photo-voltaic solar storage units or to store back-up power.

Amazingly, lithium-ion batteries — at least the ones that Nissan will be using in the LEAF– will keep up to 80% capacity–even after a ten-year life span in an electric car. Now that’s something to get all charged up about.

Nissan LEAF Battery Pack
LEAF Battery Pack

Posted by Linda Nicholes, Plug In America board member

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