2020 Independence Day EV Count Results


2020 Independence Day EV Count Results

For the second year, Plug In America supporters roamed their neighborhoods on July 4 to count how many all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles they could spot as part of the Independence Day EV Count. Across the United States, we counted 12,036 vehicles, of which 638 (5.30%) were electric. All-electric vehicles accounted for 3.34% and plug-in hybrids accounted for 1.96%.

These numbers increased from last year, when supporters found 4.14% of vehicles counted were electric:

This year, we received our first results from Canada, where 290 total vehicles were counted, of which 11 (3.79%) were electric, with nine all-electrics (3.10%) and two plug-in hybrids (0.69%).

The chart below breaks down results by state, including only those in which at least 100 total vehicles were counted. The states with the highest percentage of EVs counted were California, Utah, Idaho, North Carolina, and Texas.

It should be noted that the Independence Day EV Count is not a scientific study and is not based on a representative sample, so these results are not necessarily reflective of the actual rates of plug-in vehicles across America. However, it is fun to see how the number of EVs in our supporters’ neighborhoods has increased over last year and we hope to see continued increases in years to come!

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